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8 Places In America Where You Can Still Find Gold

The allure of gold has captivated adventurers for centuries, sparking rushes and dreams of fortune. Even today, the pursuit of gold continues to draw modern-day prospectors to the rivers and streams of America. Here are eight places in the United States where you can still find gold.

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California Gold Country

Renowned for the Gold Rush of 1849, California’s Gold Country is a haven for those seeking to strike it rich. Areas like the Sierra Nevada and the Mother Lode are prime spots where you can still find gold through panning and metal detecting. These regions are steeped in history, with old mining towns and relics adding to the adventure. For those keen to try their luck, visiting places like the American River, where gold was first discovered, offers both a chance at fortune and a deep dive into the history of the American Gold Rush.


With its vast wilderness, Alaska offers numerous creeks and rivers where gold nuggets can still be found, attracting modern-day prospectors. The state is famous for its rugged beauty and remote locations, making the search for gold an adventurous journey. Popular spots include the Fortymile River, where sizeable gold nuggets have been discovered, and the Nome beaches, known for their rich deposits of placer gold. Alaska’s challenging terrain and weather conditions make gold prospecting here an exhilarating, albeit demanding, experience.


From Clear Creek to the Arkansas River, Colorado’s mountain streams continue to yield gold, making it a popular destination for amateur prospectors. Colorado’s rich mining history is reflected in the numerous ghost towns and abandoned mines scattered throughout the state. Areas like Breckenridge and Fairplay offer guided tours and panning lessons, making it accessible for beginners. The state’s scenic landscapes provide a beautiful backdrop for those eager to pan for gold and potentially discover hidden treasures.


Known for its silver mines, Nevada also boasts gold-rich areas such as the Carlin Trend and the famous Comstock Lode. The Carlin Trend is one of the most productive gold mining areas in the United States, yielding millions of ounces of gold since its discovery. The region around Virginia City, home to the Comstock Lode, offers opportunities for recreational prospecting and exploration of historical mining sites. Nevada’s desert landscapes are dotted with spots where modern prospectors can try their hand at finding gold.

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The rivers and streams of Montana, particularly around Helena and Butte, offer opportunities for gold prospecting, with some enthusiasts striking it rich. Montana’s gold history dates back to the 1860s, with significant discoveries in Bannack and Virginia City. Today, locations like the Missouri River and the Elkhorn Mountains are popular among prospectors. The state’s vast, unspoiled nature provides a serene environment for those searching for gold, with the added bonus of abundant wildlife and outdoor recreation opportunities.


The Salmon River and the Boise Basin are among the places where gold can still be found, drawing prospectors seeking their fortune in the Gem State. Idaho’s gold mining history is rich with tales of boomtowns and prospectors striking it big. Areas like the Yankee Fork and the Clearwater River continue to produce gold, attracting both seasoned miners and beginners. The state’s picturesque scenery and historical mining sites offer a rewarding experience for those looking to pan for gold.


From the Rogue River to the Applegate River, Oregon’s waterways continue to produce gold, attracting both seasoned miners and newcomers. The state’s gold rush history is celebrated in towns like Jacksonville and Canyon City, where visitors can learn about the past and try their luck at prospecting. The beautiful, lush landscapes of Oregon provide a perfect setting for gold hunting, with numerous rivers and streams offering potential rewards. Guided tours and public panning areas make it accessible for everyone.


The Dahlonega Gold Belt in northern Georgia has a rich history of gold mining and still holds promise for those willing to search its streams and hillsides. Dahlonega was the site of America’s first gold rush in 1828, and its legacy continues today with opportunities for gold panning and mining. The town of Dahlonega features gold museums and historic sites, providing a fascinating look into the area’s gold-rich past. The Etowah River and other local streams are popular spots for modern-day prospectors.