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7 Super Easy Dollar Store Easter Crafts

Looking to add a touch of creativity and charm to your Easter celebrations without breaking the bank? Dollar stores are a treasure trove of supplies perfect for crafting delightful Easter decorations. Here are seven super easy Dollar Store Easter crafts that will brighten up your home and bring a festive spirit to your holiday.

Adorable Bunny Families in Transparent Globes

Who doesn’t love miniatures, especially when they involve cute bunny families? This craft involves creating tiny bunny scenes inside clear globes. These globes are available at your local dollar store and can be transformed into adorable decorations with a few simple supplies. Place miniature bunnies, some fake grass, and tiny Easter eggs inside the globe. The result is a charming and whimsical decoration that is perfect for your Easter table or as a gift.

Create a Whimsical Bunny Pom-Pom Garland

Pom-pom crafts are universally loved and incredibly versatile. For Easter, why not create a whimsical bunny pom-pom garland? You can make this delicate decoration with white yarn, creating fluffy pom-poms and adding bunny ears made from felt. String these pom-poms together to create a garland that can be draped over your fireplace, across windows, or used as a centerpiece on your Easter table. It’s a fun and simple project that even kids can help with!

Make Coffee Filter Peony Flowers

Spring and Easter go hand in hand, and what better way to celebrate than with flowers? This craft involves making beautiful peony flowers from coffee filters. Dye the filters in pastel colors, let them dry, and then shape them into delicate peonies. These flowers can be used in bouquets, wreaths, or as part of your Easter table setting. It’s a simple yet elegant craft that adds a touch of spring to your Easter decorations.

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BuzzTrail’s unique web-stories are the cure for boredom you’ve been waiting for.

Turn Dollar Store Pots into Designer Pots with Decoupage

Decoupage is a fantastic way to transform plain Dollar Store terra cotta pots into stylish designer pots. All you need is some paint, patterned napkins, and decoupage glue. Paint the pots in your desired color, let them dry, then apply pieces of the napkins with the glue to create beautiful, unique designs. These pots can be used to hold plants or as decorative pieces on their own, adding a personal touch to your Easter décor.

Make Personalized Decorations with Foam Egg Topiaries

Foam egg topiaries are a wonderful personalized decoration idea. You can find foam eggs and small pots at the dollar store. Decorate the eggs with paint, glitter, or decoupage, then attach them to sticks and place them in the pots. These topiaries can be personalized with names or messages and make great gifts for family members. They are also a lovely addition to your Easter table or mantel.

Make an Easter Bunny Decor with Popsicles and Glue

Create a modern and adorable Easter bunny figure using nothing more than popsicle sticks and glue. Arrange the popsicle sticks into a bunny shape, glue them together, and paint them in pastel colors. You can add a little cotton ball for the tail and some felt for the ears. This simple yet charming craft is a great addition to your Easter decorations, bringing a touch of whimsy to your home.

Welcome Spring with Handcrafted Birdhouses

Birdhouses are not only functional but also make for delightful spring decorations. Purchase plain birdhouses from the dollar store, paint them in bright colors, and decorate with craft paper. These handcrafted birdhouses can be placed on your porch, in your garden, or used as indoor decorations. They bring a fresh, springtime feel to your home and are a fun project for the whole family.