WWDC 2024: What We're Expecting and How to Watch Apple's iOS 18 Event

Apple's WWDC keynote will be livestreamed on June 10 at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET). You can watch it on Apple's event website or the company's YouTube channel, where you can also set a reminder for the event.

Discussions around new chipsets, particularly the A18 processor for the next iPhone, are expected. These chips are likely to feature enhanced AI performance, aligning with the improvements seen in the new M4 chips in iPad Pro tablets.

AI is expected to be a major focus at WWDC 2024, with new capabilities integrated into iOS 18, MacOS 15, and watchOS. Features might include voice memo transcriptions, faster search, conversational Siri, and AI-generated custom emojis.

iOS 18 is anticipated to bring several updates, such as more customizable Home Screen, the ability to place app icons freely, and new privacy-focused, on-device AI features. Additionally, iOS 18 may include an AI feature that summarizes news, documents.

Apple might provide more details about its adoption of Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging, which aims to improve texting between iPhones and Android devices. RCS supports features like typing indicators, high-resolution media sharing.

New accessibility features are expected across iOS, iPadOS, and VisionOS, such as Eye Tracking on iPad and iPhone and Live Captions on VisionOS. These updates aim to enhance user experience and inclusivity.

Siri is likely to receive significant updates, making it more intelligent and capable. The assistant is expected to handle multi-step tasks more efficiently and become more context-aware, thanks to training on large language models.