U.S. pistachio industry faces mixed news

Record Production Projections

U.S. pistachio production is expected to hit two billion pounds by the end of the decade, driven by an increase in bearing acres.

Early Export Success

Early season U.S. pistachio exports have been strong, with significant increases in shipments to China, Germany, and Spain.

Chinese Market Growth

Chinese pistachio purchases doubled year-over-year, reaching over 200 million pounds in the first four months of the marketing year, partly due to high demand during the Chinese New Year.

European Market Gains

U.S. pistachio exports to Germany and Spain saw notable growth, with Germany's imports tripling to 35 million pounds and Spain's nearly doubling.

Low Ending Stocks

The low ending stocks from the previous year’s lighter crop have helped manage the current market better, with only 164 million pounds carried over.

Oversupply Concerns

Despite early export success, the industry faces warnings of a potential oversupply in the coming years, which could impact grower profitability.

Competitive Global Market

As Iran and Turkey continue to produce large quantities of pistachios, the U.S. industry must focus on promoting profitability practices to remain competitive.

Upcoming Conference

The American Pistachio Growers meeting in Monterey will provide updates and insights into the industry’s current challenges and future strategies.