Tyla, Ice Spice And Blac Chyna Stun In Slinky Gowns At The 2024 BET Awards

Y2K Aesthetic Dominance

Celebrities like Tyla and Victoria Monét showcased Y2K-inspired looks, with Tyla in a vintage black gown adorned with silver studs and Victoria Monét in a navy leather gown covered in safety pins.

Fiery Hues

 Bright oranges, reds, and pinks were prominent on the blue carpet. Ice Spice stood out in a deep tangerine gown by Versace, while Kway opted for a sunset-colored ensemble by Eloosiv.

All-White Ensembles

 Blac Chyna, Tanner Adell, and Kirk Franklin opted for head-to-toe white looks. Blac Chyna wore a sculptural wet-look-inspired dress by DéNalli, Tanner Adell in a corseted Bach Mai gown, and Kirk Franklin.

Luxurious All-Black Attire

 Chloe and Halle Bailey, Colman Domingo, and Tia Mowry showcased chic sophistication in all-black outfits. Chloe Bailey wore a glossy backless halter dress, Halle Bailey in a sequined Mônot gown.

Statement-Making Garments

Ice Spice's Versace gown featured silver hardware, while Tinashe opted for a bold, fiery red outfit. Claudia Jordan and Rachel Lindsay also made statements with their vibrant outfits.

Red Carpet Glamour

Celebrities like 2 Chainz and Bia Ben exuded glamour with their red carpet looks, contributing to the overall fashion spectacle of the evening.

Designer Showcases

Various designers were highlighted, including Versace, Eloosiv, DéNalli, Mônot, and Avellano, showcasing their latest collections through celebrity endorsements.

Celebrity Styling Trends

Trends included intricate detailing, bold colors, and sophisticated cuts, reflecting both personal style choices and current fashion trends in the entertainment industry.