Top 9 Landscaping Trends For 2024

Veggie and Herbs Garden

Embracing the trend of vegetable and herb gardens in Aussie homes, offering both aesthetic appeal and aromatic benefits.

Glass Pool Surrounds

A modern choice for residential pools globally, ensuring safety compliance and enhancing visual appeal with sleek glass enclosures.

Structural Curves and Arches

Adding elegance and flow to garden designs with curved benches, plant bed borders, and circular seating areas, suitable for both compact and spacious yards.

Creating a Connection Between Your Indoors and Outdoors

Integrating indoor and outdoor rooms with concrete flooring and large glass walls for uninterrupted views.

Cloud Pruning Your Topiary Garden

Elevating traditional topiary gardens with Japanese-inspired cloud pruning techniques, creating visually stunning and unique garden focal points.

Tropical Garden Oasis

Transforming outdoor spaces with lush tropical plants like cannas and hibiscus, complemented by water features such as fountains or mini pools for a serene ambiance.

Green Walls

Offering eco-friendly landscaping solutions with vertical gardens made from recycled containers, enhancing outdoor aesthetics while promoting sustainability.

Kiddie Outdoor Scapes

Designing outdoor spaces tailored for children's enjoyment, featuring pools, play areas, and creative zones like art studios or teepees, ensuring fun and relaxation for all ages.

Going Alfresco

Expanding outdoor living possibilities with alfresco dining areas, kitchens, and entertainment zones, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and maximizing garden usage.