Top 8 Best Places To Travel With Your Pet

Billy Rogers

Paris, France

Known as a pet-friendly city in Europe, Paris welcomes pets in many sidewalk cafes and outdoor dining areas. You'll find pets happily sitting beside their owners or under tables, creating a charming atmosphere for both locals and tourists alike.

Madrid, Spain

Another European gem for pet lovers, Madrid boasts numerous plazas adorned with fountains and statues, making it a scenic city to explore with your pet by your side.

Brussels, Belgium

Famous for its vibrant nightlife and historical charm, Brussels is exceptionally welcoming to pets. 

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver is a paradise for pet owners with its multitude of pet-friendly restaurants that allow pets on outdoor patios.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

A pet-friendly destination, Chicago offers attractions like Wiggly Field, a renowned dog park, and numerous venues that welcome pets.

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Nestled in the Appalachian foothills, Asheville is known for its eclectic charm and pet-friendly hospitality.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo combines historical landmarks with pet-friendly spaces, including castle grounds where you can stroll with your pet amidst picturesque scenery.

Colorado, USA

Beyond Denver, the entire state of Colorado is a haven for pet owners. With its vast natural landscapes and pet-friendly accommodations, Colorado offers activities ranging from hiking to rafting.

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