Think You Know Europe? 9 Fun Facts That Will Make You Think Again

France Is the Most Visited Country in Europe

France consistently tops European visitor numbers, with over 100 million tourists in 2023, driven by iconic spots like Paris, known for the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum.

There Are No Mosquitoes in Iceland

Iceland's unique climate, including unpredictable weather and few shallow ponds, explains why mosquitoes are absent despite nearby regions hosting them.

Norway Knighted a Penguin

Edinburgh Zoo s penguin, Nils Olav III, holds a military title from the Norwegian King s Guard, making him a beloved figure with a Guinness World Record.

St. Peter s Basilica Is Europe s Largest Church

Standing in Vatican City, St. Peter s Basilica impresses with its vast dimensions, accommodating up to 60,000 people and serving as a monumental religious landmark.

Vatican City Is the Smallest Country in the World

Surrounded by Rome, Vatican City boasts world-famous attractions like St. Peter s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel within its tiny 0.19 square miles.

Denmark s Monarchy Is the Oldest in Europe

Dating back to Viking times, Denmark s monarchy remains one of Europe s oldest, today focusing on ceremonial roles for King Frederik X and Queen Mary.

Wales Has the Most Castles Per Square Mile in Europe

Wales boasts over 600 castles, a legacy of Welsh princes defending their lands, with notable sites including Cardiff Castle and Conwy Castle.

Europe Has More Than 200 Languages

Europe s diversity is highlighted by over 200 languages spoken across the continent, with Russian, English, French, Italian, and German among the most widely used.

Fries Were Invented in Belgium

Belgium lays claim to inventing fries in the late 17th century, with Namur city adapting potatoes as a substitute during frozen river periods.

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