These Ultraprocessed Foods May Shorten Your Life, Study Says

Research suggests consuming high levels of ultraprocessed foods could reduce lifespan by over 10%, based on a new study tracking more than 500,000 individuals for nearly three decades.

Adjusted data shows a 15% increase in risk for men and 14% for women, according to Erikka Loftfield, lead author of the study from the National Cancer Institute.

Ultraprocessed drinks, notably diet sodas and sugary beverages, were predominant among those in the top 90th percentile of consumption.

Refined grains such as ultraprocessed breads ranked high in popularity, highlighting significant dietary preferences.

The study reinforces previous findings linking ultraprocessed foods to increased mortality, particularly from cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Ultraprocessed foods are classified using the NOVA system, which identifies them by their extensive use of additives and manufacturing processes.

Notable additives include preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colorings, and modified sugars, aimed at enhancing taste and appearance.

Choosing minimally processed foods over ultraprocessed options is recommended to mitigate health risks associated with prolonged consumption.