The 9 Short Hairstyles for Your Beauty Mood Board

Merriam Webster defines it as "characteristics of a style of artistic expression prevalent especially in the 17th century

Baroque Bob

Get the trim you need to revive hair. I like to attempt a shorter cut at the start of the year.


The bixie hairstyle combines a bob and pixie length. "It's shorter than a bob, longer than a pixie, and with the hair off the neck and midface.


Bangs are one of the most polarizing hair trends, but curtain bangs '70s-inspired bangs divided down the middle and swept to each side will continue into the new year.

Curtain Bangs

Combining layers around the head for mobility and sweeping face-framing bangs makes the look contemporary.

Layered Shag

The'shift' versatile styling options from something edgy and raw to extremely polished and sophisticated," stated R+Co's director of content Adam Federico.

The "Shift"

The style is called for its jellyfish-like shape: Basically a mullet with forms and contrasting lines.

Jellyfish Haircut

Some think bangs are for the courageous, but diverse styles have become increasingly fashionable.

Micro Bangs

Octopus" haircuts will survive 2024. The sea animal-shaped hairstyle is another shag with shorter, more voluminous top hair and longer, thinner bottom hair.

The "Octopus"