The 8 Best Things To Do In Wilmington, Delaware

Marian Coffin Gardens

Marian Coffin Gardens, designed by Marian Cruger Coffin in 1916, offers visitors free access to its historic architecture, lotus pond, and weathered statues. Located at 1405 Greenhill Ave, Wilmington, DE, it s open from sunrise to sunset.

Hagley Museum and Library

The Hagley Museum and Library, located at 200 Hagley Creek Road, Wilmington, DE, showcases Wilmington s history through exhibits including the Brandywine River and a 19th-century gunpowder factory.

Delaware Art Museum

The Delaware Art Museum at 2301 Kentmere Pkwy, Wilmington, DE, features British Pre-Raphaelite art and American illustrations, alongside programs and the Copeland Sculpture Garden. Open Wednesday to Sunday, admission is free

Brandywine Tour Boat

The Brandywine Tour Boat offers scenic cruises along Wilmington s Christina River, including a 90-minute evening skyline cruise and private charters. Located at Public Dock behind Iron Hill Brewery, tours start in mid-April

Wilmington State Parks

Wilmington State Parks, including Brandywine Park, H. Fletcher Brown Park, and Rockford Park, feature hiking trails, picnic areas, and historic monuments. These parks, founded in 1883, are open daily from 8 am to sunset with free admission.

DuPont Environmental Education Center

The DuPont Environmental Education Center, located at 1400 Delmarva Ln, Wilmington, DE, offers a 10-acre garden, a 5.5-mile trail, and wildlife viewing in the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge.

Grand Opera House

The Grand Opera House, established in 1871 at 818 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE, hosts a range of performances including live music, comedy, and Broadway shows. The theater is open Monday to Saturday, with ticket prices varying by event.

Riverfront Wilmington

Riverfront Wilmington features a 1.3-mile scenic walk along the Christina River, offering access to restaurants, the Penn Cinema IMAX theater, and Frawley Stadium. It s a popular spot for leisurely strolls and enjoying the riverfront atmosphere.

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