The 7 Best and Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Texas


Tomatoes thrive in small, big, and container gardens, making them ideal for home gardening. They grow easily and taste well in many dishes. If your container is tiny, use grape or cherry tomatoes.


Broccoli needs strong sunshine, which Texas usually has. This veggie prefers colder temperatures but can handle most Texas heat. These plants complement many herbs and beets.


Plant beets near the broccoli in your home garden to get the best results. They do well in partial shade, so you can plant them underneath taller veggies in the garden.


Carrots, another partial shade-loving veggie, require good soil. They require 60 80 days to mature and ripen from seeds. This April, grow carrots for a summer of crunchy flavor.


Garlic grows slowly but thrives in Texas home gardens. It thrives in container gardens with little maintenance. Two heads planted in soil will grow on their own. You may save a few heads from each harvest to sow next year.


A lot of people grow lettuce in their gardens because it tastes great in crisp, fresh salads. It grows quickly, and you can pick it more than once during the season. It's also a good choice for little gardens.


Popular as a garnish or to add flavor and nutrients, parsley is an easy plant to grow in your Texas garden. It doesn't take up a lot of room and is a good companion plant with many other types of vegetables