Stunning Backyard Ideas for Dogs to Keep Them Safe

Using Herbs to Keep Fleas Away

Adding plants that keep fleas away is a great way to make your yard dog-friendly. Also, there are many herbs and plants that can keep fleas away from your dog-friendly yard.

Water Features to Keep Dogs Hydrated and Cool

Water is very interesting to dogs, and they would love to have a water feature in their dog-friendly yard, especially when it gets hot outside. Depending on how the dog likes to live in the backyard

Dig Pit

A dog-friendly landscaping idea that works well in most backyards is a dig pit. Let's make one for your dog that will keep them from digging in your yard. Your dog will be more likely to hide bones, toys, treats.


One of the most important things to think about for your dog-friendly yard is shade. In the summer, it can get very hot, and it's good for your dog's health to have a place out of the sun.

Keep Landscaping Toxic Free

Dogs can play in a lot of different ways, but it's important to think about what might hurt them. There are many plants that are very dangerous for dogs.

Nibbles and Bites

You can garden with your dog if you put fruits and veggies that are safe for them to eat, whether you use a raised box or something else. It's a great idea for the garden because the dog will always have something to eat.

Dog Run

A separate area or building outside where your dog can run free is a great way to give your pet their own garden playground where they can play as much as they want.