Popular Cow Breeds That Farmers (and Everyone Else) Love

Black Angus

Many non-cow people know the Black Angus. Their beef is considered the greatest. Farmers adore them for their gentle character, bred carefully.

Red Angus

Red and black Angus are equally popular. The cows provide plenty of milk and tasty meat. The Red Angus Association says Reds are more heat-resistant and have less eye cancer


The second-largest cattle group, the American Hereford group, shows how popular these lovely, white-faced cows are. Despite being meat cows, they produce a lot of milk.


Drive through dairy states and you'll encounter Holsteins. Over 90% of US dairy cows are Holstein, according to Michigan State University. One Holstein cow produces 2,900 gallons of milk annually.


Hobby farmers like Jersey cows for their temperament and size. The Heritage Jersey Organization offers four sizes: micro (31- to 35 inches tall), tiny (35- to 43 inches), mid (43- to 51 inches).


The Guernsey is a milk cow that is popular on small farms for its rich, golden-colored milk. Farmers that own them site their good-natured disposition as a huge plus.


The white cow with a semi-curly coat is the Charolais. Fast-growing meat cows are popular. The American International Charolais Association claims the breed dates back to 878 A.D.


Simmental beef cattle provide plenty of milk. Cows are protective of their calves and gentle with friends but apprehensive of strangers.