Lunchbox ideas for kids: How to innovate for fussy eaters

Opt for a child-friendly lunch box

Lunch boxes with cute additions are kid-friendly. Let your youngster choose a cartoon character or color lunchbox. The youngster may decorate his/her box with stickers and colors.

Ask your child to pack the lunch

Include your kid in lunch preparation to make them feel like they're cooking their own lunch, which helps them want to eat it. Talk to your youngster about their favorite fruit and ketchup or yogurt.

Avoid introducing new foods to school-going children

It's best to offer kids their school preferences. Pack food elegantly. Use toothpicks for fruits to consume during break, or cut roti into flowers or suns and keep portions modest.

Keep surprising

Give your kid a nutritious lunch box treat every day without telling them. Let him or her enjoy discovering what they received today. Doing so will make them pleased and delight in eating it. Leaving a letter with the lunch might also make them pleased.

Don’t pack too many items at once

Packing lunch for your kids should be varied, but not too much. Your youngster will choose their favorite and abandon the others, says Dr. Kathwate. To ensure they eat, provide fruits with a sandwich or other main dish.