Love marijuana? You can now legally smoke, grow it in THIS country

It's against the law in the Netherlands to bring marijuana home, but you can smoke it at any coffee shop. There are weed leaves on the signs and walls of a lot of coffee shops here.


In Canada, people who are 18 years of age and above can legally possess up to 30 grams of weed in public. What’s more, they can even legally grow up to four marijuana plants at home.

2. Canada

People may go to the pharmacies in Uruguay to stockpile marijuana for recreational use. They will, nonetheless, need to formally register with a regulator first.

3. Uruguay

Marijuana use is accepted in South Africa with great ease. In actuality, the nation's Constitutional Court decriminalized adult users' private possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana in 2018.

4. South Africa

Happen to be a Bob Marley fan? Love his ‘Ganja Gun’ song too? Marley’s country, Jamaica, permits the use of cannabis for medicinal and religious purposes. Jamaica had decriminalised weed in 2015.

5. Jamaica

The usage of cannabis in somewhat illegal at Costa Rica, but smoking up is quite common here, as it doesn’t carry any legal penalties. The sale of cannabis is, however, punishable.

6. Costa Rica

The sale of marijuana is still prohibited in Colombia. However, up to 20 plants may be grown here for personal use. And because of the ideal climate, plants may grow quite large here.

7. Colombia