Gastro Doctors Share The 1 Food They Never (Or Rarely) Eat

Dr. Harmony Allison avoids highly processed protein bars due to additives that can cause bloating and gas. Natural sources like milk, peanut butter.

Protein Bars:

Dr. Reezwana Chowdhury advises against consuming red meat, especially steaks and burgers, due to their association with increased risks.


Dr. Rabia De Latour avoids processed meats like hot dogs and bacon, citing their higher risk of colorectal cancer when consumed frequentl.

Hot Dogs and Processed Meats:

Fried foods adversely affect gut health, warns Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, due to their potential to disrupt the gut microbiome.

Deep-Fried Fish or Chicken:

Dr. Simon C. Matthews suggests reducing or eliminating sugary drinks like soda, which are linked to chronic conditions such as diabetes.


Dr. Shilpa Grover highlights that refined grains in white bread can contribute to inflammatory digestive conditions like diverticulitis.

White Bread:

While these foods are best avoided or consumed sparingly, occasional indulgences won't significantly harm gut health.

Moderation is Key: