Control Your Appetite With These 8 Diet Hacks


Reduce serving amounts drastically to invite hunger. Our stomach's lining receptors tell the brain whether it's full or empty. From a foot-long sandwich for lunch to a tin of tuna and a few almonds.

Whole > processed

Early in our sessions, I have clients monitor their intake. This gives me objective statistics on their calorie and nutritional consumption, but I have a hidden agenda.

Eat Adequate Protein

Getting adequate protein might also reduce appetite. While carbohydrates and fats still fill you up, protein has the most impact.

Meal structure

Want to know when I'm more inclined to overeat or make bad choices? When my meals are delayed. Too much hunger, or hangry in scientific words, makes me make lousy judgments. I've seen this with several clients.

Increase fluid consumption

That thirst is frequently mistaken for hunger is well known. This may be so. However, water and other low-calorie drinks may help curb appetite.

Slow down

Most people eat rapidly. Few individuals eat more than 15 minutes. The body takes time to recognize and compute how much food it has eaten, which might pose issues.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Avoid displaying food in common areas. This is crucial for desirable meals. Cookies, chips, chocolate, and salted almonds are Mindless Snacking favorites.

Get enough shut eye

Our forever-hustle society frequently leaves us burning both ends. Working or staying up late and getting up early. Many of us also sleep poorly.