At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates Workout to Target Menopause Belly

Denise Austin, at 67, is actively sharing workout routines targeting "menopause belly," showcasing her commitment to fitness and wellness even as she ages.

The exercises are designed to engage both the abdominal muscles and boost metabolism, providing a comprehensive approach to weight loss and toning.

The first exercise involves standing with feet shoulder-width apart, performing punching movements to the side while tightening the abdominal muscles.

The second exercise focuses on cinching the waistline, transitioning into a high lunge position and bringing the knee toward the belly while engaging the obliques.

Austin's approach emphasizes fun and effectiveness, making exercise accessible and enjoyable for women looking to combat menopausal belly fat.

Austin's commitment to helping women feel their best during menopause is evident in her consistent sharing of workout tips and routines tailored to this demographic.

In addition to kickboxing-inspired moves, Austin has shared other effective exercises like the "wood chop," which targets the entire core.

A holistic approach to fitness, including cardio and core exercises along with a nutritious diet, is emphasized as key to overall health and weight management.

Feedback from fans on Austin's video indicates appreciation for her energy and the effectiveness of the exercises in targeting the abs.