9 Ways to bond with your cat

Let s start with purring

Their most typical purr signals that they are content in your company; they will purr when calm or being groomed, or they may purr higher if they want you to offer them food or open a door.  

Being groomed

Grooming your cat strengthens your relationship. Cats appreciate being touched around their ears, cheeks, and chin, where their face glands reside. 

Grooming you

We know cats groom themselves to be clean, but when they groom you, you know you're in their good books! 

Head butting

When they head butt or rub their head against you, they emit pheromones from their head and cheeks, strengthening their relationship.


When your cat jumps on your lap and kneads (pressing and tugging their paws), they're calm and confident. 

Slow blinking

This is a warm welcome and one of their cat kisses !  Now is the moment to slowly blink at your cat to show your devotion!

Upright tail

If your cat approaches you with an erect tail and a twist at the end, it's an indication that they're happy to see you.


When born, kittens meow to communicate with their mother, and the fact that they meow or chat with you implies they are comfortable with you.

Sleeping on you

Since cats feel insecure, they prefer to nap on safe places like shelves, therefore if they sleep on your lap, they clearly trust you.