9 Time-Saving Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Embrace the effortless cool of a messy bun, perfect for beating the summer heat while maintaining a stylish, carefree vibe.

Messy Bun

Achieve elegance with a sleek high bun, complemented by slicked-back hair and a touch of bold lip color for a sophisticated appearance that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Sleek High Bun

Keep it casual yet chic with a low, messy ponytail, ideal for keeping long hair off your face during hot, sweaty days while adding a relaxed vibe to your look.

Low Pony

Add flair to your look with braids tied up in a patterned scarf, combining fun and practicality for a standout style that expresses your unique personality.

Scarf-Tied Braids

Use a wide headband or summer scarf to sweep your hair off your neck and face, staying cool and stylish on warm days while adding a touch of retro charm to your ensemble.

Sweep It Back

Opt for a voluminous high ponytail to showcase natural hair texture while keeping strands away from your face, creating a look that exudes confidence and youthful energy.

Sky-High Pony

Style your ponytail with waves and volume, creating a relaxed yet chic look that enhances your natural hair texture and frames your face beautifully.

Ponytail with Bangs

Part your naturally wavy hair down the center and pull it into a half-up style, striking a balance between control and volume, perfect for a versatile and effortlessly charming appearance.

Half-Up Waves

Achieve a sleek and chic look with a slicked-back bun, perfect for humid summer days and showcasing versatile style that emphasizes your facial features and neckline.

Slicked-Back Bun