9 Stylish French Twist Updos

Elegant Twist with a Bouffant

This messy-formal French twist updo is wonderful. The design twists tightly in the back, allowing a little room for the trendy chaotic appearance up top.

Low-Hanging Twist

With free strands framing the face, an easily poofed bouffant, and a tight, twisted bun falling low in the back, this hairstyle has several layers and will look great.

Polished Peek-a-Boo Twist

Peek-a-boo twists are simple twist updos. A twist-hidden component is missing. A small bulge on top and a clean, glossy finish make this hairdo formal.

Classic Twist with an Accent

This is the most conventional. Another interesting French twist updo has a sloppy, twisted bun in the back and flexibility for customization.

Low-Hanging Swirl Twist

As in the last updo, the twist sits lower and leaves a few wisps of hair for a messier finish. Swirled updo descends immediately into low twist, offering a distinctive touch.

Short-Haired Twist

Low-hanging twists are simple to do with short hair. This style is easy and can tuck even the most obstinate locks.

French Twist Updo for Holidays

New Years is about beginning fresh. Without a look you love for the new year, you'll be set up for many monotonous trends. Make it your resolve to try cool hairstyles more. Bring in the year with this delicious French Twist.

Sleek Updo with Curls

Elegant hair-to-hair updos are here. One side curls will offer you a stunning profile, and your hair will appear immaculate and show off your colors.

Brigitte Bardot Beehive Updo

Another beauty icon-inspired French Twist. This Brigitte Bardot-inspired design fits French Twist well. The beehive shape balances volume and texture for the ultimate updo.