9 Southern Destinations That Feel Like Europe

Alys Beach, Florida

A Mediterranean-inspired coastal town with sun-bleached white buildings and curvy rooftops reminiscent of Santorini, nestled along Florida's scenic 30A highway.

Castroville, Texas

Known as the "Little Alsace of Texas," founded by French Alsacian families in 1844, featuring the historic Steinbach Haus brought from Wahlbach, France.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston combines English, Spanish, and French architectural influences, featuring colorful row houses akin to Copenhagen and a renowned culinary scene.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Located in Texas Hill Country, known for its German heritage with wineries, biergartens, and traditional German holiday celebrations.

Helen, Georgia

Transformed into a Bavarian village in the Appalachian Mountains since 1969, known for Oktoberfest and Christkindlmarkt celebrations.

Helvetia, West Virginia

A small Swiss-influenced village founded in 1869, featuring Swiss architecture and cultural events like the annual Fasnacht celebration.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for its French and Spanish cultural influences evident in architecture and cuisine, particularly in the historic French Quarter.

St. Augustine, Florida

America's oldest continuously inhabited European settlement, settled by the Spanish in the 1500s, featuring the Castillo de San Marcos fort.

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Home to a vibrant Greek community since 1905, famous for sponge diving heritage and authentic Greek cuisine along the Historic Sponge Docks.

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