9 Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Leave Some Space

It's important to avoid overcrowding in small yards to prevent a claustrophobic effect. Designating open areas with unobstructed views can create a more spacious feel.

Walls and Fences

Utilize existing structures for privacy by incorporating vines or climbing plants. Choose non-invasive varieties to ensure they don't overrun the space.

Vertical Gardens

Maximize space by growing plants vertically. Use wall planters or DIY vertical gardening solutions to create additional planting areas.

Hanging Planters

Make use of hanging planters to add greenery without taking up ground space. DIY options or pre-made hanging baskets can both be effective.

Window Boxes

Traditional window boxes can be attached beneath windows or used creatively around patios and decks to add planting areas in small spaces.

Dwarf Plants

Opt for dwarf plant varieties that stay small and compact, allowing more room for additional plants and avoiding overcrowding.

Columnar Plants

Use columnar plants that grow upwards rather than outwards. This vertical growth habit provides more side space and allows light to reach lower plants.

Trailing Plants

Incorporate trailing plants to soften hard surfaces and maximize space by allowing them to cascade down walls or planters.

Crevice Plants

Utilize crevices for planting succulents and other drought-tolerant plants. These tough plants can thrive in the lean, dry conditions often found in garden crevices.