9 Most Dangerous Bugs In The World

Stem borer

Larva feeds inside the stem, causing the center shoot, known as the dead heart, to dry out in young plants and the panicle, known as the 'white ear' in older plants.


Later buds, flowers, and bolls are injured, and a larva may travel to attack new sections.


Both nymphs and adults cut leaf tissues and drink leaking fluid; buds and flowers are occasionally attacked. Infested leaves start to curl and crumble.

Pod sucking bugs

As the interior contents of pods are consumed, the yield of pulses is significantly decreased.


The upper section of the center leaf whorl is therefore severed and dries out, resulting in dead hearts in shoots ranging from roughly a month old to 2-3 months' yield.


Adult beetles feed on leaves or tree trunks, while grubs feed on roots, causing withering and death of plants.


Infestations result in crinkled and twisted leaves, decreased flower and boll development, smaller bolls, and deformed, stunted plants with a bushy look.

Berry Borer

Infested plants have exterior ridges around their stems. Affected plants also exhibit yellowing and withering of the leaves.

Fruit & shoot borer

It also bores into flower buds and growing fruits, causing the buds to shed and the fruits to become unsuitable for eating and selling.