9 Modern Haircuts For Men In 2024

A timeless classic with a modern touch, the pompadour dominates men's hairstyles. Textured tops and fading sides will give this popular design an edgier look in 2024.

The Modern Pompadour

Textured crops are popular because they are low-maintenance and elegant. The short length and textured top give this hairstyle a casual, cool look.

Textured Crop

For a somewhat sloppy appearance, try a messy quiff. This design is excellent for formal and informal settings because it's professional yet easygoing.

Messy Quiff

Enjoy your natural texture with mid-length waves, a 2023 and 2024 style. This beachy hairdo suits contemporary men.

Mid Length Waves

The classic side part gets a sleek, streamlined look in 2024. The sleek side part suits diverse hair types and face shapes for a classy and classic look.

Sleek Side Part

Creative styles and patterns elevate the buzz cut for the daring. The trend lets you express yourself and make a simple cut stand out.

Buzz Cut with Design

The tapered fade with length on top is clean and polished and versatile. Flexible and customizable, this hairstyle matches many tastes.

Tapered Fade

For men with curly hair, the curly high top fade emphasizes the natural curls on top while keeping a clean, tapered fade on the sides. 

Curly High Top Fade

In 2024, elaborate and sophisticated men's braids remain popular. Braided hairstyles, whether single, cornrow, or mixed, provide a distinctive and cultural touch to your look.

Braided Styles