9 Insider Secrets You Should Know From a Goodwill Employee

Name Brand Treasures

Thrift shopping can reveal hidden treasures from well-known brands like J.Crew and Patagonia, often found among cheaper labels. This method not only saves money but also adds quality to your wardrobe.

Size Knowledge

Since fitting rooms are often unavailable, knowing your sizes across different brands is crucial. Try on items at regular stores beforehand to understand how different brands fit.

Make Lists

Make a thrift store shopping list to keep focused and prevent impulse buys. This method simplifies shopping and prevents overpaying.

Holiday Deals

Check thrift stores after major holidays for discounted decor items like wreaths and lights. Shopping during these times can yield significant savings on seasonal decorations.

Explore Clearance

Browse clearance racks and sections where prices drop over time. You can find clothes and furniture at heavily discounted prices if you take the time to search through these areas.

Allocate Time

Thrift shopping requires patience and time. Plan for a lengthy visit to thoroughly explore racks and shelves. Bring snacks and water to stay energized during your search.

Get Insider Info

Talk to store staff to learn about new merchandise arrivals. Timing your visits around restocking days increases your chances of finding fresh items and better selections.

Negotiate Discounts

Don't hesitate to ask for discounts on flawed items like stained clothing or chipped housewares. Many thrift stores are open to negotiating lower prices for imperfect goods.

Yes, You Can Test Electronics

Jane advises testing electronics before purchase. Stores frequently let you try stereos, DVD players, games, etc. Testing battery-powered devices. Check before buying by having a staff member plug it in or add batteries.