9 Bodyweight Exercises to Pack on Muscle at Home


Stand up and put your hands under your shoulders. Lower your chest to an inch from the ground and explosively push up for 20 reps to build upper-body pushing strength, muscle, and endurance.

Overhead Crunch

Lay on your back with arms overhead. Use your abs to crunch your shoulders off the floor, locking your arms and activating your core to make the workout harder.

Pistol Squat

Raise your right leg and stretch your arms in front of you. Lower your body as far as possible to test your mobility, balance, and stability while training your quads and glutes.

Step-up with Knee Raises

Step onto the bench or box in front of you. Use the other foot, elevating your knee upon landing. Stabilising muscles and leg imbalances are improved by this workout.


Grab dip bars with straight arms and inward palms. Drop slowly until elbows are straight, then push up. Triceps, chest, shoulders, and back strength and size increase with this workout.


From a press-up, jump forward and land both legs next to your hands, then repeat. This intensive hip and thoracic warm-up increases range of motion and muscular growth.

Star Plank

Walk your palms and toes out and away from your body to form an X from a press-up. Keep a flat line from head to hips to maximise your core workout and build strength and stability.


Bowing knees and hands behind head on floor. After raising your torso in a V using your thighs and core, lower calmly. A great abs circuit finisher, this exercise builds core stability and control.

Spider Crawl

A press-up involves raising one foot and knee to elbow. Switch sides, tightening your core at the peak of each rep to move your knee closer to your elbow and work abs, legs, arms, chest, and shoulders.