8 Unusual Small Pets for Kids to Own

Hamsters are one of the most popular first pets that parents get for their young children. The rat may live indoors or outdoors, and they groom themselves, so washing and brushing are unnecessary.


Rabbits are another popular pet for youngsters, but parents should be aware that they are demanding creatures who need a lot of room and tolerance.


Rats can learn simple techniques like retrieving things and traversing mazes. Give them some cardboard toilet paper rolls or twine, and they will gladly busy themselves.

Rats or Mice

Various varieties of lizards are great pets for kids. Bearded dragons, chameleons, iguanas, green anoles, long-tailed grass lizards, and leopard geckos are popular pets. 


Guinea pigs belong to the same rodent family as hamsters, but they are considerably sweeter and gentler when touched. 

Guinea Pig

Pygmy hedgehogs are little mammals with a long snout, fuzzy underbelly, and protecting spines on their back. If purchased from a breeder at an early age, they can become fairly sociable. 

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Canaries are little finches that come in a range of lovely hues. They make ideal first bird companions for youngsters since they require little upkeep and have a cheery demeanor.


Gerbils are pleasant, intelligent creatures who like playing, making them perfect as children's pets. They require a large cage and a feed consisting of pellets, food blocks, and supplementary seed mixtures.