8 Tough Plants for Full Sun & Heat That Thrive All Summer

1. Heart to Heart Caladium

Heart to Heart caladiums thrive in both Northern and Southern climates, making them versatile for gardens across the U.S. They come in nearly 30 varieties, offering a range of colors, sizes, and leaf shapes.

2. Sunstar Pentas

Sunstar pentas are known for their extra-large flower clusters, comparable in size to hydrangea blooms. They bloom well through high heat and humidity, making them ideal for bedding and containers in hot climates.

3. Whirlwind Scaevola

Whirlwind fan flowers, originating from Australia, are resilient and colorful. Unlike older varieties, modern Whirlwind fan flowers bloom profusely and maintain an attractive shape.

4. Diamond Snow Euphorbia

Diamond Snow euphorbia features double flowers and a denser shape compared to Diamond Frost. It blooms reliably with bright white flowers throughout the season, perfect for upright containers.

5. SUNCREDIBLE Yellow Helianthus

SUNCREDIBLE Yellow sunflowers are everblooming with large, bush-like forms ideal for back-of-bed plantings, screening, or large containers. They boast 4-inch-wide blooms that continue without deadheading from spring to frost.

6. Sweet Caroline Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine)

Sweet Caroline sweet potato vines offer vibrant foliage colors, various leaf shapes, and vigorous growth suitable for combinations and groundcovers. They thrive in both sun and shade, with excellent color retention under full sun.

7. Sweet Caroline Upside Ipomoea (Climbing Sweet Potato Vine)

Sweet Caroline Upside climbing sweet potato vines are vigorous climbers available in colors like Key Lime and Black Coffee. They twine upward on trellises or spill over containers with trailing stems.

8. LUSCIOUS Lantana

LUSCIOUS lantanas are large, densely branched plants known for their non-stop blooming throughout the season. They require minimal maintenance, are heat and drought tolerant, and attract pollinators.