8 Of The World's Weirdest Houses

Named 'The Crooked House', this asymmetrical building was inspired by Polish fairy tales and appears as if it's melting.

Krzywy Domek in Sopot, Poland

Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, this house offers abundant sunlight but zero privacy due to its transparent structure. Inspired by the idea of living in harmony with nature

Transparent House in Tokyo, Japan

Formerly a prison, funeral house, and school, this all-white structure stands out for its eerie appearance and polystyrene exterior

Gue(ho)st House in Delme, France

Built in 1970, this house resembles a mushroom and features intricate mosaic tiling inside, ideal for mushroom enthusiasts. Designed by architect James Johnson, the Mushroom House is an organic architectural marvel

Mushroom House in Perinton, New York

Resembling a giant smiling crocodile, this concrete structure is a unique living space with well-arranged rooms and windows.

Crocodile House in Cote D Ivoire, Abidjan

Known as the world's narrowest house, Keret House is just 152 centimeters wide and creatively fits between two commercial buildings. Designed by Jakub Szczesny to provide a minimalistic living space in an urban environment

Keret House in Warsaw, Poland

Created as part of an exhibition, this whimsical house challenges gravity with its upside-down design, purely for artistic expression. Designed by Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk under The World Stands on its Head project

Upside Down House in Trassenheide, Germany

Shaped like a toilet, this house symbolizes the global sanitation issue and was designed to raise awareness about the importance of hygiene.

Toilet House in Suwon, Korea