8 Men's Wedding Hairstyles to Show Your Barber

Side Part

A classic groom hairstyle for short-sides, longer-top haircuts. Elegant and simple, this style requires little effort to seem polished.


Classic pompadours are now fashionable bridal hairstyles. It requires more maintenance but looks exquisite and timeless, making it a good choice for grooms seeking a stylish yet timeless look on their big day.

Intentionally Unkempt

The purposefully disheveled style's casual elegance and meticulous styling are ideal for relaxed grooms. With product application and shaping, this hairstyle provides a slightly ruffled, windswept look without bedhead.

Clean Lineup

A skilled barber is needed to produce the clean lineup hairstyle's sharpness. Due to its precise margins and slight temple fade, this groom hairstyle is popular with wedding parties that want to look professional.

High and Tight

High and tight hairstyles have cleanly clipped sides and firmly cropped or groomed hair. This timeless yet contemporary style exudes confidence and authority, making it great for grooms who enjoy clean, sleek looks.

Slicked Back Fade

Slick back fades make grooms look dramatic and sophisticated. This haircut with a sharp fade on the sides and long hair on top looks sleek and fashionable with hair gel, perfect for brides who want to stand out.


Undercuts are popular and elegant with a longer top and neatly cropped sides. Fashionable grooms enjoy this haircut because it can be worn up, slicked back, or sideways.

Soft Taper Cut

Grooms can seem stylish and natural with a taper cut. With its slight tapering and easy-to-style texture, this groom hairstyle suits numerous wedding themes and personal tastes.