8 High Protein Keto Breakfasts For Fast Weight Loss

Low-Carb Bacon & Broccoli Egg Burrito

Wrap up a healthy breakfast by using a thin egg omelet instead of a tortilla to encase bacon and broccoli. This innovative, low-carb burrito offers 15g of protein, perfect for keeping you full until lunch.

Tomato-Parmesan Mini Quiches

Transform ham slices into crispy cups filled with a savory mix of tomato and Parmesan eggs. These mini quiches are a delightful twist on traditional quiche, ideal for meal prepping. Make a batch to refrigerate or freeze.

'Egg in a Hole' Peppers with Avocado Salsa

Reinvent the classic "egg in a hole" by using colorful bell pepper rings instead of bread. Top with zesty avocado salsa for a nutritious, high-protein breakfast. Prepare the avocado salsa the night before to save time.

Cheesy Egg-Stuffed Peppers

Fill sweet bell peppers with a delicious mix of eggs, ham, and cheese for a protein-packed breakfast. Prepare these the night before and bake in the morning for a warm, veggie-filled start to your day.

Easy Loaded Baked Omelet Muffins

Bake these versatile, protein-packed mini omelets in muffin tins for a convenient, grab-and-go breakfast. Perfect for meal prepping, they can be refrigerated or frozen and quickly reheated on busy mornings.

Cauliflower Hash with Sausage & Eggs

Enjoy a healthier version of breakfast hash by using cauliflower rice and lean turkey sausage, topped with fried eggs for a protein-rich meal. This dish provides 26g of protein and can be prepped.

Sheet-Pan Eggs with Spinach & Ham

Prepare a large batch of fluffy, baked eggs mixed with spinach and ham on a single sheet pan. This easy method is perfect for meal prepping healthy breakfasts or serving a crowd.

Avocado & Smoked Salmon Omelet

Boost your morning with an omelet filled with creamy avocado and savory smoked salmon. This quick-to-make, high-protein dish delivers 19g of protein, ensuring you stay satisfied longer.