8 Foolproof Mascara Tips Every Woman

Make Sure It's Fresh

Wasted mascara is your first-class ticket to Clump City. The clock starts ticking when you open a tube.

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

Get traffic-stopping lashes by grinding. Most of the product should pump up your lashes' bases for best results. Once you do that, length is easy.

Back That Wand Up

Surprise your lashes with two punches. Swipe routinely (as above) and then try it from the rear. Coat the back of your lashes (the area that touches your eyelid) with your wand. 

Focus on the Tips

The final strike follows the volume boost. With your mascara brush, cover the tips of your covered lashes. 

Crack Open the Baby Powder

After one application of mascara, use a Q-Tip to dust baby powder or translucent face powder on both sides of your lashes.

Try Bending Your Wand

This mascara trick is for those who require more control (no guilt!). Bend your mascara wand 90° if mascara smudging gets you down.

Know How to Layer

Finding out we could use two mascara formulas at once changed our lives. Nobody has time to do it every day, but choosing the right two formulas for your lashes can customize your flutter.

Up Your Curling Game

There are several ways to master the lash curler. In the beginning, we all hurry this seemingly unnecessary process.