8 Cute Short Hairstyles That Don't Require Much Styling

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are popular for their simple upkeep and ability to repair damaged hair. Keep your scalp hydrated with proper treatments at home or with expert aid.

Small and Strong Afro

Embody ease and elegance with a short afro that requires minimal styling. This wash-and-go style highlights your natural features effortlessly.

Super Short Pixie

Achieve an effortless bedhead look with the super short pixie cut, perfect for those who prefer a style that needs no styling effort.

Short Pixie

Ideal for a dramatic change with minimal upkeep, the short pixie cut accentuates facial bone structure, offering a sleek and chic appearance.

The Basic Pixie

The simplest of all pixie cuts, where the hair is uniformly cut short and styled in the direction of growth. A quick wash and a dab of styling cream or pomade are all you need for a polished look.

Textured Pixie Cut

Enhance your natural curls or waves with a textured pixie cut. Whether slicked back or volumized with a blow dryer, this haircut requires little maintenance while exuding stylish charm.

The Surfer Crop/Undercut

Sport an edgy and confident style with the surfer crop or undercut, featuring short sides and longer top length. Simply comb it to the side and let it air dry for a relaxed yet trendy appearance.

Curly Coif

Short curls can be just as stunning. Use a curl cream to define and air-dry or diffuse for a tousled, carefree look that's effortlessly cool.