8 Cool Beard Looks for Bald Guys

Corporate Beard

The corporate beard is characterized by a soft and clean look, covering the entire chin with a defined mustache. Achieve this style by growing your facial hair for several months to fullness.

The stubble Look

Effortless and timeless, warm blonde hair features natural tones enhanced by subtle highlights. It's a low-maintenance color that beautifully complements loose waves.

The Circle Beard

A luxurious blend of cool pearl and soft gold tones, champagne blonde lends a creamy and sophisticated look to your hair. Adding a root shadow enhances the lived-in effect.

The Classic Goatee

This style caters to brunettes looking to join the blonde trend without high maintenance. It features a shadow root that seamlessly transitions into balayage highlights.

Thin Goatee

Rooty ash blonde combines cool-toned ashy hues with darker roots, creating a natural and effortless blend. It's a great choice for those who want a blonde that matches their natural hair tone.

The Viking Beard

Infused with warmth from copper and pearl tones, rose blonde offers a unique balance between blonde and red hues. It provides a subtle warmth without being too vibrant.

Short Viking Beard

This style involves balayage babylights that delicately balance a darker base with cool blonde tones. It creates a natural gradient that enhances depth and texture in your hair.

The Chin Strap

Transitioning from pure blonde to spiced gold involves incorporating golden and copper tones. This blend adds warmth and dimension to your hair, making it an ideal choice.

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