8 Budget-Friendly Cheap Landscape Ideas for Your Home

1. Avoid Annuals

Annual plants like petunias and impatiens are colorful but short-lived and can be expensive to replace yearly. Instead, opt for perennials that return each year, providing a budget-friendly and lasting garden.

2. Fill Gaps with Large Grasses

Fill empty spaces in your front yard with fast-growing ornamental grasses like switchgrass, beak grass, or Indian grass. These grasses add texture and movement, and they quickly grow to full size from less-costly small containers.

3. Limit Types of Plants

Keep your front yard landscaping simple by selecting no more than five types of plants. Choose one evergreen, two larger shrubs, and three types of perennials to create a well-filled space that looks organized and is cost-effective.

4. Densely Plant to Cut Weeds

Plant densely to cover all ground, reducing the opportunity for weeds to grow. Use a mix of shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers in a naturalistic design to minimize weed growth and cut down on yard maintenance costs.

5. Deter Weeds with Cardboard

Use cardboard as a biodegradable weed shield before planting and mulching. This method allows moisture to reach the soil while preventing weeds. Replace the cardboard and mulch every few years to maintain a weed-free landscape.

6. Take Advantage of Deals

Wait until late summer or early fall to purchase plants, as garden centers often offer discounts to clear out their stock. This timing can save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying plants in spring.

7. Divide to Multiply Plants for Free

Divide established plants like hostas, grasses, and peonies in early spring to fill bare spots in your garden. This technique allows you to expand your garden without buying new plants each growing season.

8. Keep Things Contained

Use planted containers and pots instead of planting the entire yard to save money. In dry regions, use rock, sand, or pebbles as filler and group containers for color.