8 Bold and Gorgeous Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

Long Asymmetrical Pixie

It's not necessary to get a very short pixie cut if you have straight or wavy hair. Choose a lengthy part to go down the back or on one side.

Short Cut with Long Bangs

Long fringe that sweep down one side of the face are a great way to add more volume to the back of thick-haired girls.

Simple Brunette Pixie

Shaggy hairstyles can enhance the eyes, reduce the forehead, and provide the appearance of changing the form of the face.

Shaggy Layered Cut

Consider a graduated pixie cut with asymmetrical angles if you're searching for the perfect haircut for thin hair.

Low Maintenance Crop

The one for you is a close crop. Request trimmed back and sides from your hairstylist, with a somewhat longer top.

Bold Pixie with Playful Streaks

In a matter of minutes, the asymmetrical pixie undercut may transition from adorable to edgy. Check out this brave, stylish, seductive, and hip lady.

Cute Crop with Long Side Bangs

With a pixie cut, you can start over because all of the damaged ends will be chopped off.

Choppy Style with Tapered Nape

Bring photos of your intended cut, preferably from a side angle, if you intend to receive a fresh haircut at a salon.