8 Best New Aldi Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Emporium Selection Cheese:

Aldi is known for its affordable and delicious cheese options, with their Emporium Selection line offering a variety of flavors and types that rival more expensive brands.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza:

From classic pepperoni to gourmet varieties, Aldi's frozen pizza range under the Mama Cozzi's label has garnered praise for its quality and value.

Specially Selected German Roasted Coffee:

Coffee lovers appreciate Aldi's Specially Selected line, which includes rich and aromatic German roasted coffee beans at a fraction of the cost of specialty coffee shops.

Earth Grown Veggie Burgers:

For those seeking plant-based options, Aldi's Earth Grown line offers tasty veggie burgers that satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Simply Nature Organic Quinoa:

Aldi's Simply Nature brand provides organic quinoa that's affordable and meets the standards of health-conscious consumers.

Clancy's Kettle Chips:

Known for their crunch and bold flavors, Clancy's Kettle Chips are a popular snack choice among Aldi shoppers.

Benton's Cookie Thins:

These thin and crispy cookies come in various flavors, offering a lighter alternative to traditional cookies without compromising on taste.

Park Street Deli Hummus:

Park Street Deli Hummus is a popular line of hummus products available at Aldi stores. Here's some information about Park Street Deli Hummus.