8 Best Haircuts For Men In Their 40s

Textured Crop

Texture benefits short hair too. "It makes hair look fuller and can camouflage thinning in a little bit," explains New York Cutler Salon founder Rodney Cutler.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut doesn't cut your hair all the way short. Like actor Sterling K. Brown, slightly tapering the sides and keeping it longer on top may extend and thin your face.


The traditional leading man style, with a side part or tousled texture up top, is always a winner. Ultimately, older guys want more classic styles, adds Cutler.

Textured Volume

Texture is more important than quantity when it comes to fuller hair. A barber may texturize your hair to make it stand up with less product. John Barrett, the founder of the eponymous salon in New York City.

Full Shave

"I would say the only rule to hair in your 40s is that if you ve only got three pieces of it left, consider getting rid of them and embrace your bald head," he advises. Many males lose their hair, and it's hard to restore it. Some males cut their losses and shave it off.

Grown-Out Fade

Cutler says "[Men] tend to want their aesthetic to fit into their career and their social environment." Meet the grown-out fade, perfect for boardroom to bar. Ask your stylist to preserve the fade but lengthen the slides.

Styled Quiff

Standard quiffs have short backs and sides and longer, swept-up hair. The appearance may be untidy and disheveled or elegant and polished, like on Matt Bomer.

Natural Waves

Leave natural waves longer on top for volume and a more relaxed look. Keep side hair short for shine. To control frizz, use Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum ($6).