8 Best Exercises for Everyone


While working your abs, planks also train your other muscles in your arms and legs.


Lunges lengthen the muscles while strengthening your legs and glutes.


Multi-muscle group exercises such as pushups are an excellent way to improve your muscles.


Your lower body and core can be greatly strengthened by performing squats. Additionally, you burn a lot of calories because you're working big muscles.

Overhead dumbbell presses

This workout works the muscles in your shoulders, upper back, and core with two 10-pound dumbbells.

Single-leg deadlifts

Leg strength and balance are enhanced with this exercise, which uses a single 10-pound dumbbell.

Dumbbell rows

Multiple upper-body muscles are strengthened with this workout, which uses two 10-pound dumbbells.

Side planks

With your legs straight and together and your left foot stacked on top of your right, begin on the floor on your right side.