7 Ways To Prevent Yourself During Heatwave

You should avoid going out during the hottest hours, but occasionally you can't. Remember these in direct sunlight.

Be sun smart

Skin, the biggest organ, loses heat. The more skin you can chill, the better.

Wetter is better

In hot temperatures, avoid caffeine and drink lots of water. Isotonic sports drinks can replace salts, carbohydrates, and fluids.

Drink plenty of water

Sun and many people's spirits are high. It can lead us to the pub. Unfortunately, too much sun and too many beverages are bad.

Limit your alcohol

Light, balanced, regular meals are best in hot weather. Water-rich foods like strawberries, cucumber, celery, and lettuce will keep you cool and hydrated in summer.

Eat light meals to feel cooler

An early morning run may feel unpleasant when you're drowsy, but exercising in the midday sun can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Limit physical activity to cooler parts of the day

Maintaining a cool home is essential to feeling comfortable in hot weather. While opening a window may seem easy, heatwaves make this harder.

Keep your home cool