7 Things to know before getting your first cat

1. They need time to settle in

If you get a new cat, it will take them a while to get used to their new home because it will be a big and stressful change for them. Each cat will change at its own speed.

2. You ll need to keep them indoors for a few weeks

It's best to keep your new cat inside for the first three to four weeks after you bring them home, even if they seem ready to explore right away.

3. They can be fussy eaters

Different cats can be picky about what they eat. Some cats will happily eat anything you give them. Just before you bring them home, it's smart to find out what kind of food they're used to.

4. They might be an early riser

If you like having a late start in the morning, you should know that your new cat friend will change that. When it comes to young cats and kittens, cats are most busy at dawn and dusk.

5. They ll need a scratch post

Cats naturally like to scratch, so all cats will need something to grab with their claws. If your cat goes outside, it might scratch trees and fence posts. But if you want to keep your furniture safe, table legs are better.

6. They might bring you presents

Along with scratching, cats are naturally hunters. If your cat likes to explore the outdoors, they may try to chase and catch some of the local wildlife.

7. They need enrichment

Many people think of cats as "low maintenance" pets that are fine with being left alone most of the time. While it's true that cats like their own room, they still need a lot of attention and care from you.