7 Surprising Flower Meanings Behind Your Favorite Florals


Wish someone good luck with heather flowers. The Victorians saw these beautiful blooms as good luck because of the flower's rarity. Gift an arrangement of white or pink heathers for someone before a big exam, game or performance.


It's true that lotus flowers may grow in muck. They somehow re-bloom in the morning after returning to the mud each night. In many Eastern traditions, they represent self-regeneration, enlightenment, rebirth, and purity.

Bird's-Foot Trefoil

Another delicate flower with a sinister connotation, the bird's-foot trefoil blossom represents retaliation. Although in actual life, retribution is never the solution, authors might use this symbolism in their narratives and motion pictures.


These regal blooms have long stood for royalty as well as wisdom and respect. And their opulent-looking blooms sure suggest the same. It's certainly a compliment to be gifted an arrangement of irises.

Yellow Acacia

Forbidden or hidden relationships may be thrilling and tough, whether you're covertly dating or just enjoying privacy. Yellow acacia blossoms, which symbolize hidden love, brighten the atmosphere.


Also known as "Bird of Paradise," this uniquely shaped and colorful flower represents freedom. Gift this flower to someone who is embarking on an adventure, just ended a bad relationship or recently moved into their own place.

Balloon Flowers

Add a gift of plastic flowers to your apology to a friend to make it more powerful. These purple and blue flowers stand for wanting a friend to come back, being honest, and love that never ends.