7 signs that you are unhealthy

1. You snore.

Snoring is annoying, loud, and can be embarrassing for some people. It can also mean you aren't as healthy as you think you are.

2. Your skin isn't clear.

When you break out, it means you might not be as fit as you think you are. Even though there isn't a single cause of acne, face mapping can help us figure it out.

3. The whites of your eyes aren't white.

There could be a problem with the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, or bile vessels if the whites of your eyes are yellow. Also, having red eyes means you're not healthy.

4. Your toenails and fingernails are an odd color or texture.

Ever pondered nails and health? Perhaps not, but your fingernails and toenails can reveal your health status.

5. You're gassy.

According to Active.com, 10 to 20 gasps every day is normal and healthy, but more is excessive. Excess gas may indicate poor health.

6. You're always tired.

Many people are tired, but there may be a deeper cause. Over-caffeinating and running on little sleep may not be the only reasons of tiredness.

7. Your urine isn't a "pale, straw color."

A lot of the time, people don't think about their pee when they're thinking about their health. There is a real science behind what might seem weird or gross.