A blunt fringe is a trendy and easy haircut for your hair type. It offers several style possibilities for every occasion. Add a high skin fade to the sides and back for contrast.

Blunt Fringe With Skin Fade

Straight long hair males have several style possibilities. To make your hair simpler to manage and add definition, try an undercut. It lightens your mane and highlights the top.

Undercut Long Straight Hair Men

Men with straight hair may highlight their best characteristics with good haircuts. Choosing a middle-parted straight haircut is usually a fantastic idea. You may separate your hair using a fine-tooth comb

Parted Straight Hair Haircuts For Guys

Straight hair lets you push your fringe to the side and create a flattering look for your face. Despite its extravagant appearance, it's easy to maintain and style. For inspiration, see GQ's men's grooming

Side Fringe Haircuts For Straight Hair

Mullets are great for straight-haired males. Redefining your hair texture makes it stand out. Modern mullets may have several side fades or tapers for emphasis. Layering your mullet is another foolproof technique to make it bigger.

Mullet Haircuts For Guys With Straight Hair

How to add interest to male straight hair? Complement your haircut with a fade on the sides. There are so many different types of fade, that you are guaranteed to end up with a unique and eye-catching look.

Mens Straight Hair Haircuts Faded Sides

If you re looking for a longer haircut for men with straight hair, consider a disconnected undercut with an extensive top. This haircut will give you multiple styling options to show off your defined hair texture.

Extreme Straight Undercut