10 Vintage Home Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Barrel Back Cane Dining Armchair

Caning has made a stylish comeback in modern interior design. Rattan, used for chairs and cabinet doors, blends seamlessly into various decor themes, from modern disco-glam to traditional settings, offering both aesthetic appeal and durability.

Bold Wallpaper

Maximalism is back in interior design trends, with bold wallpapers featuring jungle themes, botanicals, and textured designs. These wallpapers can be customized as murals, adding a personalized touch to home interiors and creating focal points in living spaces.

Repurposed Vanity

Vintage furniture finds new life as bathroom vanities, bringing historic charm and uniqueness to modern spaces. Retrofitted credenzas or dressers add character and functionality, showcasing creativity and sustainability in home decor.

Postmodern Decor Style

Inspired by late '80s and '90s aesthetics, postmodern style injects bold geometrics, vibrant colors, and pop art into interiors. This style contrasts with minimalist trends, offering a playful and expressive approach to decorating living spaces.

Earth Tones

Sun-inspired earth tones like terra-cotta, rust, marigold, and dusty rose dominate interior palettes. These colors evoke a sense of warmth and serenity, creating cozy and sophisticated environments reminiscent of natural landscapes.

Schoolhouse Lights

Originating in the 1920s, schoolhouse lights are reemerging as a popular choice for interior lighting. Their diffused light quality and timeless design make them suitable for various rooms, adding a touch of vintage charm and practical illumination.

Handmade Tile

Artisanal handmade tiles add soulful warmth and character to modern interiors. Patterns like hexagon florals and Moroccan fish scales offer a blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary appeal, enhancing both walls and floors with unique craftsmanship.


As mid-century modern angles fade in popularity, archways are becoming a prominent architectural feature. Their soft, rounded shapes add visual interest and height to room entrances and doorways, creating a sense of elegance and architectural drama.

French Mirrors

Ornate French-style mirrors are gaining popularity as decorative accents in interior design. These mirrors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to traditional and contemporary spaces, enhancing walls with their artistic craftsmanship and intricate details.

Painted/Color Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are making a comeback with painted finishes in vibrant colors. Shades like dark green and coral pink offer a modern twist on vintage styles, adding personality and charm to kitchen spaces while reflecting current design trends.