10 Best Pixie Cut Ideas for Thick Hair

Pixie with Long Crisp Layers and Nape Undercut

This style features thin, long layers to minimize puffiness, complemented by a striking undercut at the nape.

Caramel Blonde Layered Pixie

The caramel blonde layers in this pixie cut add warmth and refinement. Slight caramel tones provide texture and match the wearer's skin for a sleek, sophisticated style.

Choppy Dark Brown Pixie

Embrace the natural shaggy texture of dark hair with this edgy pixie cut, perfect for pairing with biker-chic outfits.

Long Choppy Uneven Pixie Cut

Starting long at the front and tapering towards the back, this pixie offers an easy transition from longer styles.

Mussed Up Layered Pixie with Highlighted Bangs

Achieve a messy, cool-girl texture with layered highlights that frame the face beautifully.

Extra Long Blonde Pixie with Tapered Nape

Designed for thick, coarse hair, this pixie cut features longer layers and a flattering side part.

Feathered Pixie with Nape Undercut

Showcase textured layers and a nape undercut for a lightweight and dynamic pixie style.

Elongated Pixie with Long Layers

Incorporate long layers into a pixie cut for thick hair, enhancing volume and ease of styling.

Edgy Silver Pixie with Spiky Layers

Choose silver spiky layers and jagged fringe for a bold look. This trendy hairdo adds texture and dimension and makes a statement.

Modern Dark Blonde Layered Pixie

This short pixie cut combines layers and highlights for a modern and dimensional hairstyle.