10 Best Kirkland Products at Costco, Vetted by Customers

Costco's Kirkland Premium Towels are thick, sturdy, and affordable, costing about $1.20 for 100 sheets, cheaper than Kroger and Amazon's brands.

Paper Towels

Kirkland Kitchen Trash Bags offer great value with 200 bags at $19.99, making them $0.10 per bag, cheaper than Walmart's 13-gallon trash bags.

Kitchen Trash Bags

Costco's Kirkland Gasoline offers some of the cheapest and highest quality gas, often better priced and cleaner than other brands.


Kirkland's 1.5-pound bag of shelled pistachios costs $16.99, or $11.33 per pound, cheaper than Walmart, Kroger, and Amazon.

Shelled Pistachios

Kirkland Signature Adult Multivitamin gummies offer good value with 160 gummies per bottle, priced at $0.05 per gummy, and typically higher vitamin dosages than Walmart.

Adult Multivitamin Gummies 

Kirkland Creamy Almond Butter is versatile and of excellent quality, ideal for various uses like toast, smoothies, and snacks.

Almond Butter

Kirkland Signature Bacon Crumbles are tasty and well-priced at $10.99 for a 20-ounce bag, perfect for salads, baked potatoes, casseroles, or snacks.

Bacon Crumbles

Kirkland's organic raw honey, sold in three 24-ounce jars, is Grade-A and affordable at $0.25 per ounce, cheaper than Amazon and Walmart.

Organic Raw Honey

Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil is a favorite, with a subtle price difference from Walmart's, but preferred for its taste.

Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil

Kirkland's variety snack box, priced at $32.99, includes 51 single-serving snacks, ideal for kids' lunches or daily snacks, especially if you enjoy nuts.

Variety Snack Box